Hello there!

I’m a twenty something Californian, DIYer, traveler, tea drinker, dessert eater, and movie moment chaser. I currently reside in the Bay Area, but my roots are from LA. (Taiwan, if we want to get really deep.)

I’ve traveled most of my life (when your mom’s a high school teacher, your holidays and breaks sync up pretty well), but it didn’t occur to me to start recording these moments until more recently.

I write and post about the things that intrigue and captivate me – from travel vlogs, thoughts on Asian American identity, DIY ideas, recently watched films, and so on!

 M2C stands for Movie Moment Chasers. What are we chasing? It’s that moment where, for a split second, everything feels as it should, as if all along, someone was right there beside you, writing your script and making it come to life.

Join me on this adventure as I navigate through the uncertainty of my 20’s, looking for the beauty in the simpler things and chasing these movie moments. 


Header photos by Anny Yang and Mason Chan.